Is it challenging to ask for what you want?

Difficult to say no?

Join us for The Gift of Touch workshop, where we will practice these essential skills

in a fun, welcoming space. 

The Gift of Touch is a clothes-on, expertly guided workshop, where we will explore and practice clear communication through giving and receiving non-sexual, nourishing touch**.

Utilizing Dr. Betty Martin's groundbreaking tool, "The Wheel of Consent",

learn to make clear agreements though simple embodied exercises,

creating more freedom, connection and ease in your spectrum of touch.

During this heart-centered workshop, you are invited to:

~ practice asking for what you want

~ practice expressing your no

~ discover the unique gifts of the four quadrants of touch

~ explore giving and receiving one at a time (and why taking them apart matters)

~ elevate your experience of touch from just ok to wonderful for everyone

You'll go home with a fun and simple game to share with your beloveds and community, and a deeper understanding of enthusiastic consent.


•The Gift of Touch is a clothes-on workshop

• all exercises are 100% optional.

• no one turned away for lack of funds, email:



**What is nourishing touch?

Nourishing touch is present, and without agenda.

It is touch that the receiver wants, and the giver gives with a full heart.

Nourishing touch can relax or enliven, sometimes both.

Nourishing touch is always, 100% at choice of all involved.

This type of human touch feeds us in a way that nothing else can.